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Russian Tanks Feel the Pinch

February 2019

German Manufacturer Keller Lufttechnik reached out to our European Distributor
TC-E who knew of just the right people - ZECK - for an impossible solution that ZECK provided with ease.

The specification came through for a process heater that could keep a pinch valve from freezing up and cracking the internal rubber liner. Trace heating had been tried but its unreliability and poor performance on this hefty valve was not successful, so they turned to ZECK.
Designers at ZECK looked into great detail of how they could solve the issue for the heating when the ambient was -40˚C and needed to get heat deep deep within a large process valve without perishing the rubber parts.
Zeck came up with a workable solution - a twin-omega adapter block and their MaxiLimpet with a  dual process heating system inside.
Pinch Valve Heater
The Pinch-valve heater has inside a self-contained microprocessor which could be adjusted as necessary with a knob on the end of the unit.

The processor controlled two different PID units to separately control the heat to both ends of the valve.  As the valve would experience a much more severe temperature issue at the bottom than the top, ZECK designers needed to ensure that the heat delivered did not overpower one end of the valve and cause the delicate rubber sleeve inside to perish due to over-temperature.

The system was shipped and installed and successfully working today.
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