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  • IETF funding

  • Super Tax deductions

  • Major brand funding available



IETF funding

The UK government offers the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund scheme whereby companies who wish to transition from high to low energy use can apply for a generous grant scheme to reduce the potentially high capital costs of such investments.

The grant offers differing levels of benefit, but all are considerable and we believe the ZECK CATTS heating system would form the basis of an ideal grant application and we can assist with the application process.


Find out more here: Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

Super Deduction

The UK government announced in the 2021 Budget that until March 2023, companies investing in plant and machinery can claim 130% capital allowances on qualifying equipment. We believe this applies to ZECK CATTS and is in addition to the generous IETF scheme.

Get the information sheet here: Super Deduction Fact Sheet


Energy Savings

Efficeint Energy saving process heating

ZECK systems are up to 89% more efficient than old technologies

Carbon Zero Icon

Carbon Zero

Carbon Zero ready

and fully compliant technology

Digital Control

Digital Control

Switch from analogue to digitally controlled precision

Water free process heating

Dry & Hygenic

ZECK's electrical process is dry, hygenic and non-corrosive heat

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