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Refrigeration Door Seal Heating

- For OEM Installation

Keeps containers free of frozen door problems
When a blast freezer or chiller trailer door is frozen solid, it becomes a major problem for the customer.

They need their product out, and every hour is costly to them.

They will use any means to gain access, including breaking the door open.

Frozen door.png

Electrical trace heating is notoriously unreliable for trailer door seal heating due to inherent hot spots, which eventually lead to the failure of the element.
That’s why OEMs are switching to one of ZECK’s patented solutions: a solid-state heater inside a bespoke extrusion, giving long-term reliability and bringing peace of mind for the OEM renter that he can fit-and-forget.
No more service callouts for failed units, or doors broken with forklift trucks by customers who can’t wait to get access to their precious goods.


Choose the right system for your container
ZECK can tailor-make an extrusion and heater for your style of container, whether it be a chiller or blast freezer.

As each manufacturer of chiller doors has a different design.
If you need a ZECK solution to seal heating, ZECK will design and invest in an extrusion tool if you have the volume requirement.

The extrusion forms the key to good seal heating through conduction in the aluminium. Getting the right profile for your door is key and ZECK can design this for you.

Door Heater.jpg

We love the ZECK system, we tested it extensively before committing. It’s easy to fit and performs fantastically.
We purposely froze a door solid by spraying water at the seals and leaving the chiller running overnight at -40°C.
We switched the ZECK system on and within 15 minutes we could open the doors. A

- Major UK chiller and blast freezer OEM

ZECK heating technology

Developed through years of research and experience, we have applied and tested the design and created a high-performance product.
Each module is controlled using a solid-state ZECK Alpha controller which gives just the right amount of heat output for the job.

Why choose a ZECK door heating system?

  • Ultra-reliable – no hotspots to burn out.

  • Proven control system as used in ZECK’s other patented systems.

  • Fast installation time, designed to fit your door style – most doors can be fitted out with a Dreadnought system in half the time of a typical trace-heat system, saving you time and labour costs.

  • Fast defrost – even if switched off and fully sealed shut in thick ice; gain access in 15 minutes after switch-on.

  • Keep up with your OEM competitors who are switching to a Dreadnought system from ZECK.

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