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Stops Cold Store and Blast Freezer doors from becoming completely frozen shut.

An OEM Solution
The Scenario
You are an OEM of portable cold stores or blast freezers and you have installed a trace-heating system to prevent the doors from freezing shut.
They work fine, until now, and one by one, each system starts to fail.
Customers will do anything in their power to get the doors open to access their products for shipment to their customers.  Anything in their power can mean prising with a crowbar or even attaching a chain to a fork-lift truck and pulling the door open, or off.
You are now faced with an angry customer, a site visit to repair the door and to replace the door heaters with new.
Open the door to success
ZECK provide a much more reliable door heating system that does not use trace-heating cable, but a solid-state encapsulated solution in its own bespoke extrusion which fits to the door frame.
Control System
ZECK provide a bespoke digital control system that monitors the heater section temperature and accurately controls the device 24/7 
The controller is based upon our high specification, tried and tested Alpha system which comes as standard with our door heater system.
A display shows the current setpoint, feedback status and the power draw on the system, so you can trust in the knowledge that a high tech solution is not going to let you down.
Key Features
  • Solid State Longevity, outperforms trace heating

  • Sealed IP65 capsule in its own extrusion 

  • Fit and forget peace of mind

  • Get control back of your maintenance expenditure.

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