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Our mission is to provide Zero Carbon Thermal Technology that will save our customers money and resources and the planet
Progress in process

At ZECK we believe in challenging the accepted solutions for process heating. We are a progressive, inventive company who supply disruptive technology. Many accepted forms of heating, such as water jacketing for pipes and tanks, have been used for more than a century.
We are challenging these systems by providing a modern, digital form of process heating.
Change is good, very good

Throughout the world the business climate is changing. Acting sustainably is becoming a key factor in a company’s commercial viability.
We at ZECK have developed Zero Carbon, clean technologies for process heating. They are technically advanced and will save you resources now, as well as preparing you for the future.
Disruptive technology

Our CATTS pipe heating system is an electric, digital form of heating which uses 90% less energy than a water jacketed system.
It allows you to see exactly how your heating is performing, even from a remote location. It is hygienic and completely removes the possibility of product contamination from water caused by internal corrosion.
The same applies to our bulk tank heating systems. Modern, digital, low energy and with the ability to make your bulk storage heating requirements become carbon neutral.
How can we help?

Do you have a process issue you'd like a solution for or you are interested in future-proofing your business, just get in touch.
And, if you'd like to see the technology up close we would welcome a visit from you or we can bring demonstration equipment to your site.
Get in touch, we love a challenge.
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