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The food and beverage manufacturing sector play a huge role in the UK economy. These are generally FMCG companies who rely on trusted technologies to produce their goods. For this reason, some technologies haven’t changed in many years. ZECK are here to bring these processes bang up-to-date with a unique range of products offering an unrivalled level of control and reliability.
Tanks and IBCs
Generally, most processes follow a broadly similar path where raw ingredients are stored in bulk storage tanks or IBCs. These are then pumped through pipes and valves to the processing area. ZECK tank heating offers a fully digital ‘dry’ heating solution, which guarantees no hotspots (unlike electrical trace heating) and a more energy efficient and hygienic option than water jacketing.
In addition, the Dolfin is FAST IBC heater, superior to IBC blankets and jackets, which heats the products from within the IBC as opposed to traditional external heating jackets.
Check out the Dolfin IBC heater here>>
Pumps and valves are heated using the AlphaLimpet or MicroLimpet products. The AlphaLimpet offers fully adjustable temperature control whilst the MicroLimpet is a fixed output thermal solution.
Flanges and RJTs
The pipes within a factory are generally connected together with flanges or RJT couplings. The OmegaLimpet is a perfect, compact heating solution for flanges and RJTs, ensuring the whole process is thermally stable.
If a client uses chocolate it is very often enrobed over a centre filling. The excess chocolate from the enrobing process can build up and solidify around conveyors leading to breakdown, downtime and unacceptable hygiene levels. This is solved using the Excalibar which keeps excess chocolate liquid, enabling easy clean down.
Plate Heaters
For viscous products kept in small pails we offer the ZECK Plate Heater. This allows for multiple pails to be warmed simultaneously prior to use, reducing waste and enabling easy operator pouring.
Carbon Zero Icon
Efficeint Energy saving process heating

Energy Savings

ZECK systems are up to 90% more efficient than old technologies

Carbon Zero

Carbon Zero ready

and fully compliant technology

Digital Control
Water free process heating

Dry & Hygenic

ZECK's electrical process is dry, hygenic and non-corrosive heat

Digital Control

Switch from analogue to digitally controlled precision

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