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In batch processing of viscous products, where lines are idle for long periods, the flowmeter can cause a blocking point. Normal heating methods such as hot water are not an option for flow meters. Trace heating just cannot get the heat in.

ZECK's AlphaLimpet, a bolt-on self-controlled microprocessor heater provides a simple and effective solution for Coriolis Meters. For smaller flow meters we can supply our fixed temperature MicroLimpet.
Simple to fit
ZECK provide a range of different adapter blocks to fit to your flowmeter.  This provides a flat surface for the heater to sit on and impart a good heat flow through conduction, getting heat to where it matters.
Plug & Play
No need for a control panel, sensors or switched power, just provide mains to the device. Inside the AlphaLimpet is a PID controller with adjustable setpoints, simply fit and forget
All of our products are IP 68 and suitable for use outdoors
ZECK uses high performance solid state heating devices and the microprocessors used are from the vehicle industry, robust in harsh conditions.  This gives long-life and optimal performance.
Remote monitoring
If required, a healthy signal can be sent back to a control panel to show that the device is working and within a temperature range.
  • Easy to fit, safe and robust

  • Outperforms any trace heating method of heating, with far superior longevity

  • No external controls - plug and play technology

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Longevity


For small flowmeters, like this Bürkert FLOWave, an Omega ring can be fitted to the meter's body and a MicroLimpet attached. This provides a neat solution in a small space, reliable and durable.

Burket Flow Meter.jpg
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