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ZECK Unveils CATTS at Sheffield Hallam University's National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering
Nov 2021
The first of its kind in the world, ZECK reveal a new process pipe heating system that can eliminate water whilst saving 89% in energy bills
ZECK's CATTS pipe heating system has been under development for several years, so it was with great pride that they unveiled their proving rig at SHU's NCEFE mid-November 21.

With 8 pipe sections all at varying angles and lengths, the plug & play heating system was installed in quick time, with a chocolate tank and the pipe system as a recirculation loop. 

ZECK had calculated on paper that the energy savings would be around 90%. 
university staff at NCEFE performed energy monitoring and confirmed an 89% reduction in energy for the same pipe size using a water-jacketed system.

ZECK's CATTS pipe heating system eliminates controversial water heating systems in food processing environments, bringing ZERO-water to ZERO-carbon, and heading towards zero energy using Siemens technology and a Profinet factory link.

If you have a water-jacketed process heating system that is costing you a lot of energy and giving you production issues to boot, contact ZECK for a visit to see the system in action.
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