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ZECK appoints Musk Process Services as a System Integrator

March 2019

ZECK have appointed Musk Process Services as an official System Integrator for its CATTS process pipe heating system.
Musk has a long history of supplying water jacketed pipe systems into the food and confectionery industries and see the new, patented, digital offering from ZECK as a leap into the future.
Musk Process Services Logo

Musk Director, Shaun Carlton-Greaves commented:

“The CATTS digital pipe heating system from ZECK overcomes all the issues which can be experienced with water jackets. It offers a high level of control, 90% less energy consumption, the ability to go carbon neutral and, critically, removes the risk of product contamination from water leakage due to corrosion”.

As a System Integrator, Musk will be responsible for the installation of CATTS systems.

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