'CATTS' (Cascade and Thermodynamic Transportation System) is a revolutionary new energy saving process heating system that can be fitted to new process pipework or retrofitted to traditional, dual-walled, water-jacked pipework.
Saving Energy by up to 90%
CATTS is big news. It allows for certain processes to save up to 90% of energy usage, and that's big, especially across a whole factory. No longer heat your chocolate rooms to 40C as a by-product - heat what is required and where it is required - in the process.
Removing Water from your Process Heating
Chemical treated hot water for pipe and equipment heating, together with foodstuffs, don't make for a good mix, especially when they do mix!
The risk of microbe or chemical contamination using traditional hot water methods is eliminated when using CATTS.
Thermodynamic Core to Protect Sensitive Products
Buried inside the CATTS assembly and spanning the entire length of the pipe, is one of ZECK's unique features that you will not find anywhere else on the planet for pipe heating - isostatic thermal distribution by means of a thermodynamic core. This technique is utilised in the space industry, but works just as well down here on Earth.  It ensures that there are no hot spots along the system as it uses thermodynamics to redistribute heat at high speed.

ZECK is a registered Profinet manufacturer, ID 1513

Key Features
  • Up to 90% energy saving

  • Removal of hot water from your process - no contamination risk

  • Thermodynamic core keeps hot spots away, no burns or scorching

  • Intelligent control system with advanced cascade built-in

  • Virtually maintenance free - no mechanical moving parts

  • Digitised system with factory NET compatibility.

  • Automate with your plant - auto change setpoints, you can even create your own thermal profile.

Distributed Control with Profinet Capabilities - Digitise your Plant
Each pipe spool has its own Limpet engine onboard developed by ESYSE our German partner specialising in embedded control with customers such as Siemens. The system utilises cascade control with PID.  Cascade control is an advanced method of temperature control utilising two control loops at once. They work together as a team and self-regulate the heat source to the product's thermal requirements. 
Not only that, ZECK can supply the system with two variants - a standard system, or a Pro version with PROFINET from the built-in Siemens controller in each engine.  This allows full control over your system.
Factory Monitoring 

With PROFINET enabled CATTS systems, the world is your oyster.  Link the system to your factory NET and you can interrogate every pipe spool, look at trends, spot potential issues, set multiple temperature setpoints automatically with different products in the pipe, in essence, unlimited control.

Lose your network?  No problem, each Limpet Engine will continue to work unaided and follow the last command received, CATTS has self-autonomy too.

Maintenance Free - Virtually
All CATTS systems use solid state switching with heating cores that are extremely robust and proven for decades.
No pumps, chemical dosing, bearing wear, leak fixing, pressure valves, header tanks, blown gaskets, pressure stalls, rattling feed pipes. No footprint space for calorifiers and water pipe runs.  What's your maintenance fitter going to be doing now?  More cost savings ahead.
All we ask is that you have a general checkup once a year, which takes a day's site visit on most systems.

chip onboard

Sheffield Hallam's prestigious National Centre of Excellence for Food hosts ZECK's showpiece CATTS system
Lobe Pump Heater zeck.png


Limpet fits to most process pumps with an adapter block to apply controlled heat where needed

Metal Pipes

With the use of an Omega shaped adapter ring, we can attach to valves to ensure they run trouble free.


Flow meters can be particularly difficult to heat when using viscous products in batch processes. The AlphaLimpet is designed for just this type of problem.


Energy Savings

Efficeint Energy saving process heating

ZECK systems are up to 90% more efficient than old technologies

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Carbon Zero

Carbon Zero ready

and fully compliant technology

Digital Control

Digital Control

Switch from analogue to digitally controlled precision

Water free process heating

Dry & Hygenic

ZECK's electrical process is dry, hygenic and non-corrosive heat