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Government Assistance

How can I get help to become Carbon Zero?
ZECK are compelled to help their clients achieve carbon neutrality in their thermal processes. We focus particularly on clients who burn gas to make hot water for jacketed pipe heating systems.
Switching to the ZECK digital heating system can reduce your energy consumption, and carbon emissions by 90%. Feed it with a renewable energy source and it becomes carbon zero.
Obviously this will come at a capital cost. Currently the UK government is offering 130% incentive on corporation tax, effectively meaning a 25% discount on Zeck systems.
But did you know there are other incentives available?

In addition,  We can assist you to arrange finance with a global specialist in the industry which can fund the remaining capital cost over a period of up to ten years. See our section on the UK government initiatives.
Grants Available

Large energy users can apply for a grant of up to 75% of the cost of a ZECK system. See our section on the UK government initiatives. We can help with your grant submission, just contact us for further details.
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