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Jacobi Jayne Use Dolfins to Advantage

August 2018

Leading specialist bird food manufacturer, Jacobi Jayne, turned to ZECK to solve a heating conundrum. Jacobi Jayne use beef tallow in 25 litre containers in the production of bird fat balls. The tallow arrives as a solid and is melted in a container in a hot water bath. However, significantly increased levels of business meant this was no longer feasible. Jacobi Jayne ordered the tallow in IBC containers and used Dolfins to melt their way in and subsequently melt the entire contents overnight.

Edward Evans, Development Manager for Jacobi Jayne, commented...

“The Dolfins from ZECK are perfect for this application and we now use them 24/7. The raw product cost saving by purchasing it in IBCs gave us a payback period of two weeks for the capital cost of the Dolfins. I would highly recommend these robust products to anyone who needs to heat an IBC”.

Flutter Butter Bird Food

Jacobi Jayne took the plunge.
Try plunging a Dolfin into your IBC and see the difference
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