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June 2021

Innovative pipe heating system impresses under scrutiny at Sheffield Hallam University

National Centre of Excellence

The National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE) is one of Sheffield Hallam Universities prestigious centres and is a catalyst for innovation, forward thinking and problem solving.
Their facilities and expertise focus on tackling food industry challenges such as productivity, health, minimising waste and reducing energy use. It also supports the food and drink industry by developing new and enhanced facilities, processes and equipment, and creating a skilled, knowledgeable workforce.
CATTS 003 nb.jpg

CATTS on show

After discussions with Keith Thornhill, head of Food and Beverage for Siemens, Keith put ZECK in touch with Professor Martin Howarth at the Sheffield Hallam University and they introduced his team to the new CATTS system and how it is a world-beating, energy saving solution for the problems in food manufacturing and process heating.
Impressed by ZECK's technology, NCEFE have agreed for ZECK to install their system in their pilot plant so that the industry can examine the system in action.  A chocolate recirculation system will be installed consisting of a small tank, 7 x process pipes 7 x CATTS systems and ancillary MicroLimpet units. The control will be via  Siemens touch screen and PLC.
Our Meson Automation partner has collaborated with ZECK to write the front-end software and commission the system for the demonstration.
Siemens Touch Panel KTP900.png

If you would like to visit NCEFE and see their systems and our CATTS demonstration, then fill in the form below or email us directly using the email button.

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