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June 2020

BestPump adopt ZECK's microprocessor-based Limpet Alpha engine unit to heat Wright Flow Technologies’ revolution centrifugal pump R180P.
BestPump Lobe Pump
Lobe Pump Heater
BestPump's client recognises advantages

“Our Pharmaceutical client chose to break from the standard bolt-on water jacketed heating options for the front cover and/or rotor case and preferred to heat the pump rotor case electrically with a ‘Limpet’ attached to the pump front cover.”

Features and benefits
ZECK’s Limpet Alpha engine has a microprocessor controlled PID controller built within it, so no need for any external controls.  Just install a permanent 240V supply to the unit and set the temperature desired.  The Alpha uses less than 120W of power, about half that when it is at temperature, similar to the power of an old household incandescent lamp. Running cost to the user is circa 0.01 GBP/ hour.
The unit comes with an adapter kit to allow fitment to the end of the pump, it just bolts on and can be fitted in about 10 minutes.  Clean, affordable, and uses zero-carbon energy, it’s a simple switch over to remove water heating from your process.
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