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When pumps carry viscous product and where the pump is stood idle for periods, pumping can become problematic. Restarting the pump can cause overloading and tripping, or you may just get very slow product delivery, even when the pump is not stood for long periods. 
Limpet have the solution with their range of microprocessor controlled process heaters.
Easy to fit

The AlphaLimpet can be fitted to almost any pump.  Send us details of your pump model and we will be able to assess it.
Adapter Plate

We already have a range of pump adapter plates that we have designed and fitted to a variety of pumps. Contact us today to see if we can fit to your pump model.
The plate is made from thick aluminium and is specific to the pump model.
On the lobe pump shown to the right, the plate is integrated into the pump bolts and takes 10 minutes to fit.
No Control Required

The AlphaLimpet contains a microprocessor inside and has adjustable settings.  There is no need for a control panel, just supply mains voltage to the device, set it up, fit and forget. 

Zeck uses high performance solid state heating devices and the microprocessors used are from the vehicle industry, robust in harsh conditions.  This gives long-life and optimal performance.
  •  Easy to fit

  • Adapter plate designed to suit the pump

  • No external controls - plug and play technology

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Longevity

Lobe Pump Heater zeck.png

Large Lobe pump benefits from the power and ease of fitting of the AlphaLimpet.


Centrifugal CPC-line Pomac pump fitted with double adapter blocks: horseshoe plate at the rear and 8 fingered front plate, the two bolted together to form a clamping system and thermal mount for the ZECK MicroLimpet.

BestPump Lobe Pump
BestPump adopt Zeck's microprocessor-based Limpet Alpha engine...
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